Nandi Africa provides authentic, unique and fair-traded products to the Triad and Research Triangle areas as well as nationally. It is also a space where people come together to share ideas and knowledge. It is a space of calmness and healing. The business also promotes and showcases small minority owned businesses. It is a space where vendors come to showcase their products.  Owner Juah Esteria White is a native of Liberia and merged her cultural roots, the love for humanity, education, and experience. Nandi Africa is a unique business experience that allows customers to gain knowledge while appreciating the creativity of local group and cultures within Africa. 



Nandi Africa vision is that consumers/ customers will understand the importance of authenticity and traded products. In addition, we foresee a place of healing, laughtercommunity gathering and  sharing  knowledge, ideas and cultures without any form of prejudice of color, religion or origin. 



Nandi Africa's mission is to provide authentic, unique, fair traded products to the general public and to create a space where people can come together to heal as well as share ideas, knowledge and cultures. 



Nandi Africa’s philosophy is based on its name (Nandi), meaning mother from the Kru tribe found in Liberia.  A mother has the responsibility to bring her children and family together. Nandi Africa is not just a business. It is a community base space where people can come together to heal as well as  share knowledge, ideas, cultures and be his or herself. 

  1. We invest in authentic, unique and fair-trade products. 
  1. We insist on great presentations and treat others like we want to be treated. 
  1. We value an authentic experience 
  1. We dream up creative products and services 
  1. We are committed to community involvement and engagement.